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Water, katana, sais






17.72 (38 lbs.)

Cause of Death:

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Li(July 4, 10BC-) is Ryun's best friend and classmate.

Personality: Edit

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Abilities: Edit

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Appearance: Edit

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Background: Edit

Li was born on July 4, 10BC. He entered the Samurai School; he was in the same class as Ryun and after seeing him fail, decided to fail with him. During his time at the school: he was one of the most talented student thier. He was able to produce an indesturctable Ice Sword, and he also was able to create the Aqua Twister. He does have basic skills of the sword, unlike Ryun who has near mastery of it made Ryun a very formittable opponent. Li was also orphaned at a young age, which is why he trains his muscles and not brain.

Tale: Edit

Raiton Arc: Edit

Trivia: Edit

  • Li's surname is unknown. Which makes him the first protaginist to not have a surname.
  • He can breath underwater. This is due to his ability to control the water around him.
  • In the Ryun Almanac:
  1. He does not have a surname next to his given name.
  2. His favorite foods are: any types of non fish products. His least favorite foods are: fish products.
  3. He wishes to fight Riuh Unindo and Seki.
  4. His hobbies are: learning new trainning and water based techniqes and meditating.

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