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Katana, Sai, Akuma




90.90 (200 lbs.)



Cause of Death:

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Naraku(October 31, 45BC) ( is the main atagionist in the series.

Personailty: Edit

He is a very demanding person, he will do anything in his power and if his suborinates fail than hell will be forced upon them.


Appearance: Edit

Only his silohette is seen.

Background: Edit

Naraku was born on October 31st, 45BC. During his teen years, he fell under the influence of Satanism; in which he discovered Akuma in suspended animation. He broke his(Akuma's) prison lock free and released him from his Nine Million Year Rest. This caused Naraku to earn the Mark of the Devil. Akuma told him to form a team and after forming that team: Find Seven Tailsmans. These will be the keys to freeing him permanitly and hreck hell upon the earth.

Tale: Edit

Raiton Arc: Edit

Naraku first appeared when he gave Siuton and Raiton orders to attack Atlantis and Sage Mountian, respectfully. He also stopped Siuton from getting killed by Raiton.

Trivia: Edit

  • Naraku means Hell. A homage to his orginatzion: Hell Seekers.
  • Also being born on October 31st is a homage to Hell and being influenced into Satanism.
  • Akuma is the only living lifeform that Naraku fears.

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